Daily Unit Pricing: The Lakehouse Global Growth Fund

We’re pleased to announce that the Lakehouse Global Growth Fund has moved to daily unit pricing. Meaning that potential investors are able to apply for (and be allotted) additional units on a daily basis rather than a weekly timeframe.

We’re pleased with the change, as we think this is a better experience for those self-directed investors who want to take advantage of the inevitable bouts of market volatility.

The Lakehouse Global Growth Fund focuses on investing in mid- to large-capitalisation global growth companies in developed markets. Big picture, we’re backing market leaders with long growth runways.

Why go global?

The cold reality is that 98% of the world’s equity market value is listed outside Australia, and everyday household names — including the world’s most dominant, valuable technology companies — are not listed in Australia. Think everyday giants like Visa and Google’s parent, Alphabet, both of which I hold personally and are held in the Lakehouse Global Growth Fund.

For those investors who are looking for international exposure and to diversify away from an Australian market dominated by slow-growing banks and miners, the Lakehouse Global Growth Fund could be a complementary strategy to consider.

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Investing in the Fund is a big decision for investors and it’s important to make an informed choice. Potential investors should read and consider the new Product Disclosure Statement, dated 15 February 2019, (and seek professional advice) when deciding whether to acquire units in the Lakehouse Global Growth Fund. And while the PDS is the definitive guide, we’d welcome any follow-up questions potential investors may have about the Fund and its strategy. We can be contacted at investorsupport@lakehousecapital.com.au or 02 8294 9800.


Joe Magyer, CFA
Chief Investment Officer

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