Mark Fenech is a Senior Business Development Manager at Lakehouse Capital with over 20 years experience in the finance industry.

He is responsible for our distribution strategy servicing financial advisers, family offices and institutional partnerships. Mark’s unwavering commitment is to assist these partnerships who seek long-term domestic and global equity investment solutions.

Prior to joining Lakehouse, Mark was a Director and Wealth Adviser for his own advisory firm specialising in providing investment solutions for wholesale and retail clients and prior to this, worked as an investment consultant to wholesale clients for strategic asset allocation advice.

Mark holds a Graduate Certificate of Global Business Practice with Macquarie University, a Diploma in Financial Markets with the Securities Institute of Australia, a Diploma in Financial Services with Intellitrain and has an SMSF accreditation with Kaplan. He is currently a Global MBA Candidate with Macquarie University.

T: 0423 200 040
E: [email protected]