Introducing Lakehouse Capital

I am very excited about the launch of Lakehouse Capital, The Motley Fool Australia’s new funds management venture. So much so that my family is applying for permanent residency here in Australia.

What’s so exciting?

We’re managing money for Australian investors for the first time. Happy clients of our Australian advisory services have nudged us for years to save them time and simply manage their money for them. We’re thrilled to soon be able to finally deliver on that need.

We’re focusing on my favourite place to invest: Small, fast-growing companies in Australia and New Zealand. I believe that small-caps are the best place to create and grow wealth in the share market. Not only are small-caps consistently underfollowed and overlooked by much of the rest of the investing community, they have more raw upside potential than widely held large-caps whose biggest gains are often behind them.

The Fund will have the flexibility to invest in companies at IPO. And sometimes even before they IPO. This is a level of access and flexibility that we’ve never had the opportunity to bring to clients in Australia. Previously we’ve had to watch IPOs from the sidelines, let alone invest in pre-IPO companies, but the Fund will offer the opportunity to get in on the ground floor with great, fast-growing businesses before they’re widely known.

We’ll follow up soon with more information on Lakehouse Capital, including our philosophy, strategy, and process plus details on the fund’s mandate, risks, fees, and how you can invest.

The Fund is currently working towards accepting money around October 2016.

It’s a very exciting time. Thank you again for your interest!


Joe Signature

Joe Magyer, CFA
Chief Investment Officer

P.S. The name ‘Lakehouse Capital’ is inspired by my investing roots. My grandfather, Pop, was an architect and entrepreneur who retired at 38. In his free time, he designed and built by hand a cabin on Lake Burton where I spent my summers growing up.

Pop spent his days fishing, crafting furniture, and managing his portfolio. His passion for investing also kindled my own. He taught me about the importance of integrity, ignoring the crowd, and how investing in great growth companies for can lead to big returns. Self-taught but successful, he was an early investor in some of the biggest gainers of the era, including Dell and Home Depot.

I was just a lad when, as we sat on the porch reading the Sunday paper, he showed me an article written by two men in jester caps, David and Tom Gardner. I was wowed by the investing prowess of these self-described ‘Fools.’ They made the complex look so simple, inspiring me to chase the same degree of mastery. Flash forward a couple of decades and, well, here we are.

The name Lakehouse is an homage to that experience and The Motley Fool’s ability to educate, amuse, enrich, and inspire.

Thanks, David and Tom. And you too, Pop. We miss you.

The above article contains general investment advice only (Lakehouse Capital Pty Ltd is the Corporate Authorised Representative of The Motley Fool Australia Pty Ltd AFSL 400691).